World Peace

Henrys Painting & Contracting

May 11, 2021

How the 2020 Derecho not only changed lives but how it has also brought hope to the community.

Henrys Painting & Contracting is a known business in our community and love when we are able to partake in such unique projects, such as the project we mentioned below about the wood sculpted peace sign in Iowa City, Iowa. 

August 10, 2020 

Many people in our community were affected by this drastic storm that ran through the Midwest and many have used artwork to not only bring hope to our community as we rebuild from 2020 Derecho, but also to bring joy and smiles back. 

That includes Iowa City homeowner Allen Roe who had chainsaw artist Gary Keenan sculpt a tree in his front yard into a hand giving the peace sign. Henrys Painting & Contracting is great friends with Roe and has done multiple painting projects for him in the past. When Roe called us to stain the Peace Sign It was not only a pleasure but also an honor to be part of such an amazing project. This art will always be a big part of the community. Residents said they drive past it every day and it automatically brings a smile to their face. 

Roe named it “Imagine” after the John Lennon song about world peace.