Kitchen Cabinet Painting : New Finish, Half The Cost of Replacing

Updated: Mar 17

At the heart of any kitchen design are the cabinets. Choosing the right style matters - especially the cabinet color! With all the options and combinations out there i'm sure it can feel impossible and extremely overwhelming. However, it doesn't have to be with the help from our Color Specialist at Henrys Painting & Contracting.

We proudly provide assistance to help create the kitchen of your dreams, Updating your cabinet color is budget friendly over replacing them and goes a long way to completely transform your space.

Choosing The Right Cabinet Color

First and foremost, step back and consider the amount of space you're working within your kitchen. This will be a crucial element in the process of choosing colors.

For example, darker colors create a moody, cozy, classic feel. However, while beautiful in larger kitchens, darker cabinets can make smaller spaces or without much natural light feel smaller.

In another perspective, light cabinets create a clean, bright look that plays a visual trick in smaller or darker rooms. However, in larger kitchens, white can look stark unless paired with complementing colors, textures & design elements.

Cabinet Painting Process

  • Remove drawers and doors

  • Label all cabinets & drawers to ensure proper placement

  • Mild sand to remove old stain or paint

  • Priming

  • Painting

  • Assembling drawers and doors back together

Why We Spray Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets can be the quickest, easiest & most cost effective way to give your kitchen a makeover. Get clean, consistent results when painting your kitchen cabinets with a high-quality paint sprayer. A fresh coat of paint can make kitchen cabinets look like new. Our team uses quality paint sprayers helping you achieve the brand new cabinet look you are aiming to get for years to come.

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