Keep it Neutral : How Paint Colors Affects The Sale Of A Home

Updated: Feb 17

There are many factors involved in the sale of your home including price, location and age. In addition to those factors, Staging can increase what buyers are willing to spend. But did you know that something as simple as the color of the paint could be affecting how fast your home is sold and for how much?

One result of new paint is that it allows details like woodwork, molding & trim to stand out giving homebuyers satisfaction in appreciating these unique features. Buyers are more likely to purchase a home at a higher price point if it is move-in ready. If they happen to not like the current colors, painting the home in neutral colors allow them to move in without the need to change anything!

Where Should You Begin?

When choosing what color to paint think neutral, Beige, White, & Gray. This gives new homebuyers a sense of spaciousness, creating the tone for them to see their own furnishings fitting the rooms decor without repainting.

Why Contract The Painting?

This is the next decision required once you have decided to sell and also paint your house. Time is essential, with work, family, kids at home finding the time to paint yourself can be frustrating and complicated. Here at Henrys Painting & Contracting we complete the work in a fraction of the time! We understand that selling your home is a big deal. By investing in hiring Henrys Painting we insure that WOW factor at an ultimate first impression to homebuyers to make them fall in love with your home.

Get Professional Insight on Interior Color Selections!

Want more professional advice as to what color to paint your interior walls? Henrys Painting is here to help. We pay very close attention to all the details, and provide excellent customer service at every step of the interior painting process. If you are in the Corridor Area, contact Henrys Painting today to get help bringing your interior painting vision to life!

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